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The Intrepid Coach

About me

I’ve held leadership roles in advertising, media and banking industries. Over a career lifespan of 30 years, I’ve ran independent agencies, led cross-border teams, and sat on the country management team of an international bank.

The journey to the top is rarely smooth nor simple. Over the years, I’ve been distracted by opportunities and challenges. Regardless of what they were, I’d learned tremendously from each and they’ve shaped my own brand and purpose in life.

Being able to make sense of the changes, their impact and the opportunities and obstacles they presented; critically assess and adjust my perspectives and approach; rally the people around me who were rooting for my success – all these served me well, both personally and professionally.

Today, as a life and career coach, I partner with aspiring C-suite executives to manage change, teams and mindset, so that they can likewise find satisfaction and success in their own growth and journey.

I am also a single parent and an autism advocate. I coach parents and caregivers of persons with special needs to support them in managing the change, stress and uncertainty that they encounter.

We are all works-in-progress. There’s always room for growth and potential to discover. I’d be incredibly privileged to be a part of your journey.

I am Sharon Lee. I am The Intrepid Coach.

The Intrepid Coach

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