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Please can I have a seat

Commuters can be unforgiving.

It’s funny (or maybe sad) that we have to have a Caring SG Commuters Program to help create a better and more inclusive environment within our public transport.

Don’t get me wrong – I think they are doing a great job. I went to pick up one of their yellow cards for Lucas when they launched the program. Unlike some other disabilities, autism is one of those that’s ‘invisible’. How often have I heard the phrase “he doesn’t look autistic”.

When we take public transport, I make sure Lucas gets settled down on a seat first. His balance isn’t great, and he can’t anticipate movements and react fast enough. Occasionally, I’d get a puzzled look from other commuters, probably wondering why a young man would get prioritised for a seat over his … ahem … bags-toting, heel-wearing mom. So when I saw the posters for these yellow cards, I promptly got one for him, and told his coaches at the St. Andrew’s Autism Centre about it too.

Have I noticed any changes in the way other commuters react or interact with Lucas? One fellow commuter did offer his seat to Lucas in a crowded MRT ride recently, so I’d say, generally, yes.

But, as in every case, there are 2 sides to the story. Just last week, Lucas couldn’t seem to successfully tap on the Entry/Exit Ezlink machine when he got on the bus. I realised that he used the wrong ‘yellow’ card!  🤣 💙

Have you ever noticed any acts on kindness on our public transport?

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